Top Veterinary Services You Ought to Seek Once You Adopt a New Pup

30 December 2020
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At the outset, taking in a new puppy may seem like a small decision to make for your family. As long as you ensure that the new pet is taken for walks on a regular schedule and is provided with food and love then it should be ok, right? Unfortunately, these are not the only responsibilities that you will be tasked with. Similarly, to having a new baby, you will be responsible for your new furry friend's overall health and wellbeing. And contrary to popular belief, ensuring their wellness is not limited to seeking professional treatment when your pup falls ill.

Rather, it entails determining your pet's needs and seeking the right veterinary services to meet said needs. If you are a first-time furry parent, you may be stumped as to which services you should be seeking from the start. To help you with this, check out the following top veterinary services you ought to enlist once you adopt a new pup.

Pet vaccinations

Undeniably, vaccinations are a crucial component for your dog's overall health. You may be surprised to learn that there are a vast assortment of diseases and disorders that do not only put your pet at risk of serious illness but that could prove fatal if the animal does not have the right protection from the beginning. A few examples of conditions that mandate annual vaccinations include rabies, hepatitis, canine parvovirus, distemper and more.

Typically, if you adopted your dog from a legitimate centre, the pup will come with vaccination records that will inform you of which shots they have received and those that they require. However, if you took in a stray, you should speak to your vet about whether administering a fresh round of vaccines would be ideal.

Pet microchipping

Pet microchipping has steadily proven to be a necessary measure for the average pet owner. Admittedly, most animals do have a great sense of their surroundings once they become familiar with their environment. Hence, even when your pup is to wander outside the home, they will likely find their way back.

Nonetheless, they need time to get acquainted with their new home. And if they are to stray away from the residence, they will more than likely get lost. Microchipping is the best way to safeguard against this. If someone was to come across your pup and take them to a rescue centre, the professionals can check for a microchip and subsequently look up your details. This allows the centre to contact you and return your pup home safely.

Other critical vet services that you should seek as soon as you take in a new pup include desexing, a wellness check-up, flea treatment and more.

For more information, contact a local veterinary service today.