Two Reasons Why a Vet Might Advise a Dog Owner To Have Their Dog Exercise More Often

29 June 2023
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Here are two reasons why a vet might advise a dog owner to have their dog exercise more often.  The vet has noticed that some of the dog's muscles are showing signs of atrophy If after examining a person's dog, a vet notices that some of the dog's muscles have atrophied and become quite weak, they might advise the owner to take the dog out for more frequent and longer walks, and might also recommend that they work with a canine physiotherapist if the issue is severe. Read More 

4 Warning Signs Your Dog May Have a Torn ACL

30 March 2023
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ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament, and it's the ligament that connects your dog's thigh bone to their shin bone. As such, the ACL is very important for your dog's movement. Unfortunately, the ACL can sometimes be torn. There are several risk factors, including genetic issues and being overweight, but ACL tears generally occur when dogs suddenly put too much stress on one leg. A torn ACL is a serious issue that requires treatment as soon as possible, so it's smart for owners to learn the most common symptoms. Read More 

Could Your Rabbit Be Experiencing Bad Health?

28 November 2022
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Rabbits are fun to watch and play with and are popular pets, but rabbit owners aren't always aware of the illnesses rabbits are susceptible to or the common signs of illness. As your bunny can't just tell you how they're feeling, it's important you learn about how illness may present in rabbits to ensure our pet gets veterinary care when needed. Read on to learn about common health problems in rabbits and the signs that let you know something may be wrong. Read More 

Does Professional Pet Grooming Have Any Benefits?

26 August 2022
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As a dog owner, you will want to do everything possible to ensure they are always happy and healthy. Regular grooming is one of the easy and effective ways to achieve this. Most people believe cleaning their puppy at home and trimming their nails is an excellent chance to bond. However, some benefits result from choosing a professional to groom your pet. Here are the top benefits of letting professionals handle the process. Read More 

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Vet for Your First Pet

28 April 2022
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Getting your first pet, whether you choose a cat, a dog, or an exotic pet like a lizard, is really exciting. However, there are many things you need to do to prepare, and choosing a vet is one of the most important. This guide explains three questions you should ask yourself when considering any vet clinic. Do They Have Any Specialised Knowledge My Pet Requires? There are lots of different types of vets in Australia, and as VetPrac explains, most specialise in companion animals such as dogs and cats, as well as small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. Read More