Making Dog Grooming Easier For Your Pet

24 January 2019
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You know the importance of getting a haircut. You know it helps your hair grow healthier, and it feels great as well. Did you know that haircuts have the same effect on your dog? They too need this pampering time and the healthier hair benefits apply too. So while you are getting ready for their appointment, here are some tips on making dog grooming easier for your pet.

Regular Visits

Dog grooming includes haircuts, shampooing, brushing, trimming nails and other treatments. It is important that your pet's dog grooming appointments are scheduled regularly. Just as you need a salon visit at least once a month, your pet does too. Regular visits help to keep their fur free of clumps, and trimming helps it to grow healthier. The same goes for nail clipping and shampooing. If a dog's nails get too long, the dog can experience discomfort when walking. Long nails also pose a snagging risk. Snagging may cause discomfort, but it can also cause health risks. When the nail gets caught, it can pull it out, much like you may experience when stubbing your toe. When this happens, the wound will have to heal. If you have not noticed the wound, it could get infected and lead to other health problems. These are a few of the reasons regular visits are important.

Home Care

When it comes to dog grooming, you will be the most important aspect. Your committed care will help your pet stay healthy and looking its best. Between visits with the professionals, you will need to maintain a routine at home. This routine should include brushing, shampooing, removal of matted fur and teeth brushing. Just like you have a daily routine for your personal hygiene needs, so should your dog. This at-home care will also make dog grooming visits more enjoyable for your pet. When their fur and hygiene are maintained at home, there is less for the professionals to do. This makes the visits shorter and the treatment more enjoyable for your dog.

Starting Early

One final note to remember with dog grooming is to start early. Dog grooming should start while your dog is a puppy. This will get them accustomed to the routine and make dog grooming visits less traumatic for them. Like a child, your pet learns most of its behaviours when it is very young. Teaching your dog that dog grooming is a part of his/her routine takes out the fear factor, making these visits more enjoyable for yourself, the groomer, and most importantly your pet.

Keeping these ideas in mind when scheduling your dog grooming visits will help set the pace for a future of enjoyable treatments for your pet.