Moving to a New Home With Your Dog: How to Make It as Easy as Possible

25 October 2017
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Moving to a new home can be a trying time for all the members of your family, including your dog. When you move to a new home, you'll want to to everything you can to make the experience as easy as possible for your beloved dog. With a little bit of planning, it's not all that difficult. So what do you need to do?

Before Moving Day

Visit your vet in the days leading up to moving day. If you are moving to another town in a journey that will require your dog to be transported in the car for an extended period of time, you might want to talk to your vet about whether motion sickness pills will be a good idea. You should also get a prescription for any medication that your dog might need, in case you don't immediately register with a new vet in your new town. You can also ask your vet if they have any recommendations about a new vet in your new town.

On Moving Day

It's perhaps best to remove your dog from the equation on the actual moving day. If a friend or family member can take the dog to their home and look after them for the day, this is probably the best for all concerned. Your dog might become stressed as the removalists (strangers) walk in and out of your home for hours on end. Even friendly dogs might become overexcited and can easily get underfoot. If nobody can take care of the dog, try to confine them to a particular room in your home, and leave that room until last in terms of having its contents removed. If this is not possible, confine your dog to the backyard and tie them up in a position where they are unable to see the proceedings.

At Your New Home

If your dog is microchipped, ensure that the details contained on the chip's registry are updated to include your new address and home phone number. To decrease the chances of your dog becoming lost at its new home, you should take the earliest opportunity to take the dog on expansive walks of your new neighbourhood. If they should wander off, familiarity with the area can make it more likely that they will find their own way home.

With just a little bit of forward planning, your dog's transition to their new surroundings will be a calm and stress free experience. For more advice about maintaining your pet's health during a move, contact a vet.