Making Dog Grooming Easier For Your Pet

24 January 2019
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You know the importance of getting a haircut. You know it helps your hair grow healthier, and it feels great as well. Did you know that haircuts have the same effect on your dog? They too need this pampering time and the healthier hair benefits apply too. So while you are getting ready for their appointment, here are some tips on making dog grooming easier for your pet. Regular Visits Read More 

Psittacosis and Your Pet Bird: What You Need to Know

14 August 2018
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Most people are aware (and wary) of chlamydia, but it's probably not something that you think can affect your pets. Chlamydia psittaci is an infection that can be deadly to birds, both wild and domesticated. Known as psittacosis when it infects birds, it can spread from an infection source (such as the droppings of an infected bird) to the lungs of a healthy bird, where it produces flu-like symptoms which can quickly overwhelm the bird. Read More 

3 Important Points to Note about Canine Vaccinations

1 February 2018
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If you're confused about whether or not your dog needs vaccines and how often they should be vaccinated, you're just one among many pet owners. The result of not knowing or following a vaccination schedule is that you could unknowingly expose your furry friend (and his/her furry friends) to dangerous, even fatal, illnesses. On the flip side, over-vaccination has its risks apart from being an unnecessary expense. This article highlights three important things all dog owners should know when dealing with vaccinations at their next pet consultation. Read More 

Health Problems to Be Wary Of With Your New Pup

26 October 2017
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The adoption of a new furry friend can be an exciting time for pet lovers. However, just as humans, your new pup will be prone to health issues that would warrant a visit to the vet clinic. It is not enough to merely ensure that your new dog gets the right vaccinations though. You should also educate yourself on the different ailments and diseases that your pup may have a proclivity towards so that you are better capable of discerning the symptoms before their health deteriorates severely. Read More 

3 Ways to Protect Your Puppy From Giardiasis

25 October 2017
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Alongside socialising and potty training, one of the most important things you need to do when bringing your new puppy home is to keep him healthy. As puppies are young and their immune systems are not yet fortified, they're more susceptible to infections that can harm them. One such infection is Giardiasis, caused by the Giardia parasite. Puppies who contract the infection can suffer diarrhoea, nausea, excessive gas, weight loss and fatigue. Read More